10 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs


10 Ways to find freelance writing jobsAre you a freelance writer looking for ways to find freelance writing jobs?

I have been a freelance writer for over a little month now, and I have found out that most freelance writers are unable to get more writing jobs after hooking up with their first client who may be paying low than expected.

When I first started, I was so obsessed with landing my first paying client. I never had any strategy how to go about but was trying different strategies.

I was also visiting other freelance writer’s websites, looked at what they were writing, read blog post after blog post, subscribe to their email list and even Facebook groups.

I made a ton of mistakes along the way but eventually found how to attract high-paying clients.

Anyway, you don’t have to do that. I have found out 10 ways a beginner can find freelance writing jobs.

I would like you to join my Facebook group so you can get closer to me because I will soon be moving to another dimension with my writing business and I want everyone to come along.

Let’s get started….

  1. Start Cold Pitching 

Cold pitching is when you contact bloggers, online entrepreneurs, small businesses and let them know you are a freelance writer and can help them grow their business.

Yes, I know it sounds hard and scary too or doesn’t it? Especially if you’re just new to freelance writing with little or no writing portfolio.

I will be dropping samples of cold pitching letters on my Facebook group for freelance writers with or without blog. So better join now and get it.

2. Use your Blog

The best way to attract high paying client is to have a good looking blog. A self-hosted WordPress blog with a professional looking theme running on it.

Your blog alone display your writing, so, client can see what you do and get to hire you.

3. Guest Post

When you guest post on popular sites, hundreds and thousands of people will see your writing.

And you can bet that one of those viewers is a potential client. For me, this was how I was able to build my portfolio and eventually land more clients.

So, where do you guest post? Do a Google search on your niche of writing like typing Top+ your niche+ blogs in Nigeria. I also will be sharing a script you can use for pitching for a guest post which I will be sharing with my Highly Paid Writers on Facebook.

4. Network with Other Freelance Writers

Remember, we are all in this together and it isn’t a competition!

So, if you have been following a freelance writer, go ahead and reach out. Let the writer know that you are available if he or she has too much work on the desk.

5. Tell People You’re For Hire

If you have a social media profile which you should, advertise that you’re a freelance writer and you’re for hire.

Prospect won’t know if you have time to take up more work if you don’t state that you’re for hire.

Also, let other top freelance writers know that you’re available for writing work.

6. Join Facebook Groups

There is a lot of potential for writing gigs on Facebook. If you put yourself out there in a Facebook group, you could very well end up with a gig.

7. Pitch to Sites that Pays Writers

There are hundreds of blogs that pay writers.

Personally, I won’t lie to you. I only pitch one client when I first started. All the others came as a result of seeing my post on Facebook when I shared them and also from my guest post on authority blogs.

But you can follow this route but I did rather pitch for a free guest post before pitching for getting paid.

8. Work with Content Agency

I don’t mean any content agency. I personally run a content agency where I help aspiring writers without portfolio to start getting paid for their write up.

Right now, we are expanding fast and we will soon go international by God’s grace.

The advantage of working with content agency is;

  • Usually get paid easily (you don’t need to market yourself).
  • First-hand experience.
  • One on one support

9. Write and Share

What I mean by write and share is, make use of your social media timeline to create stimulating content and share them.

I personally used Facebook Note when I started out and it paid so well for me.

10. Wow your Client and Make More Money

If you can free up some time for your clients or make them more money with your content, you will probably make more money too.

I usually make sure things are easier for my clients by applying appropriate keywords, make sure our content are 100% unique or at least 98% unique.

Wow! I think this should be my longest post so far on this blog. I just showed you 10 legit ways to find freelance writing jobs.

Are you ready to take action and make good money from your writing? If you enjoyed this post and found it helpful, please kindly share it on your social media platforms (It’s free O).

Now, it’s over to you. Tell me which ways you’re going to start finding freelance writing jobs!

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