Get Paid to Write as a Nigerian

Okon Joseph

Okon Joseph is a Freelance Writer well known for his unique, engaging and traffic generating content. He has helped small and big online businesses grow their income and traffic using content.

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  1. Udunma says:

    Thanks so much for these tips. I enjoyed it and courage has come to me. I wish to know how I can create a blog without fear of it being brought down by the website admin like google+,blogger,etc. I want to start writing right away, what areas are mostly demanded and where I could focus on or do I do freestyle or what interest me most?

    • Okon Joseph says:

      Thanks for stopping by at my space.

      So happy my post brought courage to you.

      To create a blog without being disturb by anyone is to have a self-hosted blog domain. With that you’re free to do anything with it as you wish.

      The most demanded niche in Nigeria for writers that I really know are Business topics, Making Money, Tech related topics, and biography writing.

      I can help you get started if you can visit my Writer Wanted section.

      If you really want to learn how to get paid to write, then join my Facebook group Highly Paid Writers.

  2. AMOS says:

    Hello Mr Okon, do you mean one will not be able to receive money in Nigeria through Paypal.

  3. Great post as usual. I’ve been looking out for your latest blog post until I saw it on Facebook this morning.

    I’m just hearing about receiving payment via Western Union for the first time. How do I go about it? Do I have to register on Western Union website first or something.

    Please make that part clear or perhaps you can treat it as a blogpost if it’s a long process.

    Thanks as always.

    • Okon Joseph says:

      Hi Promise,
      You don’t need to register with Western Union. It is the sender who will register.

      Your part is to give the sender your details like; names, country, state and city.

      For my latest post, I do post once a week, which is every Monday.

  4. Abuku Orode says:

    Hello okon, nice tips, but aside PayPal, are there any other payments platform available for Nigerians?

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