5 Reasons it Sucks to be a Writer

Okon Joseph

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  1. Udunma Ikoro says:

    Indeed, a writer’s world is a world of loneliness but meant for crafting words. Nice piece. i am encouraged as a writer.

  2. Olu jameson says:

    I love the loneliness anyways…. nice piece bro

    • Okon Joseph says:

      Hey Olu Jameson,
      Hahahahaha…so you are enjoying the loneliness? Even me, I do like it sometime but when it seems I have not seen some people for long, I just have to go out and see some faces and spark up some conversation. It help sometimes in writing too.

      I appreciate your thought though. I am so happy hearing from writers that they are really enjoying the life and not concentrating their time on the areas that sucks!

  3. Olu jameson says:

    smile, thanks bro, if you less busy you can help go through my blog and see what I need work on, on my write up. thanks much… am a big fan.

    • Okon Joseph says:

      Hello Olu,
      I just went through your site and I saw that you have a nice template. It has a good mobile and desktop view which is very good. Nice post too but is like you don’t have a specific niche of content in your blog yet because I saw content on business ideas, relationship, news, poetry etc.

      Keep it up bro, your content are very engaging i must say. I love the one of To Whom I Call My Father, nice poetry.

  4. Olu jameson says:

    thanks for checking sir, i do fix day for every post I made, for instance, on Friday I post on business ideas.

  5. Soliu Jamiu says:

    Wow! I’m engrossed and this got me in the mood. It really suck to be a writer, especially a newbie like myself that uses smartphone to type. Yeh! my fingers hurt and it really pained. lolz… I’m living a good life though.

    I’m proud to be one. Freelance writer for life!

  6. Hi Joseph,

    This is what my Warri friend will say, “We go die dia.” We must keep writing, no alternative.

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