3 Types of Blog Posts That Will Make You Instant Hit

Do you know there are some types of posts that can create huge impact on how successful your blog will be? I am not talking about those kinds of post that has to do with:

How to….

5 Ways of ….

Why You Should…

Secrets of…. etc.

What I will be revealing to you in this short post will open your eyes to how you should be creating contents for your blog. These types of post have a lot of potentials to drive sales, generate traffic and send you new clients.

Here are the types of post that you should consider when creating contents for your blog:

  1. Inspirational Posts

These are posts that touch the heart of your readers and show them what is possible in this world.

People love to be inspired, and when you share a truly inspirational story, you may find that you hit gold.

One good example was a guest post I did in Enterprise Boom titled; How I Turned My Side Hustle into a Full-Time Job (How You Too Can).

Presently this post has more than 1000 views and has been shared by hundreds of people. It brought me so many buyers for my eBook and freelance writing clients too.

If you can create such type of post for your blog, it will make you an A-lister in your niche and people will want to connect with you.

The best kind of inspirational post is one that involves story from how someone was experiencing pain like overweight, or broke, or was experiencing low traffic and what the person did to overcome such pain or struggle.

  1. Mini Interview

You must have seen this done in many blogs but you did not take note that this is one way to draw instant traffic to your blog. What of if you could put up an interview post with an influential person in your blogging niche.

It can be a group interview (expert roundups) from different people sharing their thoughts on a particular topic. I have been invited most times for this and I have accepted them. People just come to me so I can share my thought on a particular topic and they post it on their blog with a brief bio of me alongside other authority figures.

I get notified and share the post with my followers. In return, my followers get to visit their blogs, possibly read their other post and fall in love with the owner of the blog.

When you involve influencers in your content, they are partially invested in your success. When people get to see them share a post of their interview alongside other influencers, they will probably jump on the post, read and share too and you know what that means.

The downside about this kind of post is that it is usually very long depending on how many people you interview. And it is time-consuming but it is worth it. It may be up to 3000+ words after everything.

If you choose to interview just one person, make sure the person is one with high influence and has huge social media followers so when he or she gets to share the post, it drives high traffic to your blog.

  1. The Pillar Post

The Pillar posts are those in-depth posts that help bloggers make their mark. It is mostly called “God posts”. This type of post generates the most traffic and get the most shares. These are the kinds of post usually found in Neil Patel Blog and QuickSprout and they are exceptional.

As a blogger, you should learn how to create long in-depth contents and share some of these contents as guest post with a blog with a larger audience.

This is a kind of post that would answer a specific question so deep that readers will be forced to go look for you on any social media platform and want to associate with you because you added value to their lives with that single post.

I have experienced it so many times. Some of my Facebook friends got to know about me after reading some of my blog posts. While others came from my guest posts.

It has always been my principle to write content not less than 800 words. Not for Google sake but so I can explain my thoughts in details. A pillar post is one that you would be confident to forward to friends because it answers the question they are asking.

Over to You

Now that you have known the different types of blog posts that can make you instant hit and a competitive edge, you are now left with which one you want to start with first. Run a test of the three on your blog and see which one convert most and stick with it.

When you build on the right foundation, and couple that with a clever strategy that has your end goals in mind, you’ll be far more likely to make blog post work for you.



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