5 Reasons it Sucks to be a Writer

It may sound odd to you but believe me or not, being a writer in this 21st century sucks. Are you a writer? And have you ever introduce yourself as a writer? How was the respond? Did you get my point?

I am a writer and I love what I do, I love people reading my content, my opinions and suggestions. However, I cannot change the fact that it sucks to be a writer.

I remember the first time I introduced myself to a lady, she asked me, “What do you do?” I answered, “I am a freelance writer” she smiled and asked again, “But what do you really do?” (I write cheque in the bank).

That’s why sometimes I just tell people that I am an online entrepreneur, and I don’t get asked any further questions. Please be the judge, which of them really need further question?

So, why did I say that being a writer sucks? Here are 5 reasons it sucks knowing that you are a writer.

  1. Writers Don’t Make Enough Money

Let me tell you a story. Before I became a writer or even thought that I will become a writer at all, I met a man on Facebook by name Emeka Nobis. I check his bio and Facebook timeline and I saw that he was a writer.

At that time (even till now sef), he do post on how he get paid to create content for clients. When I saw that, I quickly went to his photos and started checking out his pictures to see if he is really eating money as a writer (as if it use to show).

Now, why did I do that? Very obvious, I never believed writers can make big money just writing full-time. I have already believed that being a writer is a side-business and can’t be turned into a full-time business unless that person want to be managing all through his or her life.

So, whenever he says he is making money as a writer, a picture of highest ₦50,000 monthly will just flash in my mind.

Most people thinks writers earn average income because they believe that all that they do is just to write and who is going to pay a big amount to someone just to create content when Google is there.

  1. Everybody can Write, Nothing special about Them

Have anybody ever told you something like that before? In fact, the day I told someone I was a writer and I make good money and I even told the person how much I make a month, the person quickly said I should give him topics to write very quickly, that there is nothing hard about writing.

Most people don’t see writing as something exceptional, they believe if there are given some time to sit down and write, they will come up with a good content, even more better ones that the so called writers can write.

Mtheew, I feel like crying but the money won’t make me do that naa!

  1. You’re always Alone

Hmm! As a writer, you can’t concentrate when everywhere is noisy, I tried it but my head went blank like a new page of Microsoft Word.

Writers are always alone so we can concentrate, and after we have finish writing, we discover that we have used our loneliness to drive away some people.

Writing is not a commercial activity. There is no greater loneliness than confronting your deepest insecurities every time you fire up Microsoft Word empty page.

  1. Plagiarism is Bae

If you’re a writer you will know that it pains when someone (your fellow writer) copies your content without any citation/references.

This is one thing most writers hate but it does not move me anymore, I am already used to it. Since they can’t think, let them take it.

  1. We Only Know Ourselves

I am not into music but I know Davido, Wizkid, Rihanna and other small, small children. I am not into sport but I know Serena Williams, Tiger Wood, Aguero.

I can name so many other categories that don’t interest me and some key persons inside but how many people know Okon Joseph (this my finger again), I mean Emeka Nobis, Bamidele even Carol Tice?

Even you as a writer may not even know these writers I just mentioned above. Nobody carries our news except ourselves or some reasonable people who feel like giving us award for our humbleness.

Even if I kill somebody tomorrow, only police, my family members, friends and my neighbours will hear. Some of my friends may not even hear except through word of mouth.

Do you know that some people don’t even know Fela Durotoye even Steve Harris, and then who am I?

I know it really sucks to be a writer, but if sucking is a thing that I must do for eternity because it’s what I love, then despise me. I am a proud freelance writer and I want you to be proud of yourself too!

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