5 Smart Ways to Market Your Freelance Writing Business

I am a freelance writer so I know that sometimes it is very difficult to land a freelance writing job. So, we have to look for smart ways to market our freelance writing business so we always get clients to work for. if you know the importance of marketing in a business, you will apply it to your freelance writing business.

Are you a freelance writer looking for possible smart ways to market your freelance writing business? If yes, sit back let me show you 5 smart ways I use to market my freelance writing business.

You don’t want to be the freelance writer who always have to hustle hard to get freelance writing job while others just seem to get it like a piece of cake. I know you don’t want to be that because if you want to be, then making a living as a freelance writer will be very hard for you, and that is why you are reading this post right now.

There are smart ways to market your freelance writing business online that don’t look like marketing. That is what I am about showing you. I practice them personally and that is why I am never out of writing job unless when I choose to take a break and outsource the job to my team.

No, it is not guest posting. Neither is it cold pitching or working on your brand this time. It is a smart strategy that is not common among freelance writers.

Do you want to know? Alright, let’s get to it.

  1. Using your Email Signature

This is one smart way to market your freelance writing business. Have you seen my email signature? Those that have received emails from me and took note of my signature must have seen it. I market my freelance writing business through my email signature.

As a freelance writer, you are going to be sending a lot of emails to many people. So, you should take leverage of those white space beneath your messages.

One easy way to market your freelance writing business is by creating an email signature. You only have to do it once and it follows every email that you send and replies to.

Here is how mine look like;

Okon Joseph

Freelance Writer and Blogger




Mine is simple because I don’t do any online project aside writing. But, you can decide to always use your latest blog post in replace for the blog link. You can even decide to drop your landing page link with why the person should click.

If I am a starter, I will drop my phone number because, from experience, some client prefers phone conversation to email.

  1. Start a Blog

If you have been following me for long now, you must have been tired of me saying this. As a new freelance writer, you need to get a blog to showcase your portfolio and stay current in the eyes of your client. And, it should not be a free blog. Make sure it is a blog that you have to pay for.

Having a blog and posting content on it gives prospects the chance to go through your contents. Do you know how many times I have received emails from prospects who read my blog post and decided to offer me a contract?

I remember vividly receiving a call from a CEO of a consulting firm asking me if I am affordable because the style of writing he saw on my blog shows that I might be expensive for him to hire me. You should know the end of the story.

  1. Have a Hire Me Page on Your Blog

You can see this on my blog. It tells potential clients that I am for hire. If you don’t have it, they will feel you are blogging for fun and you make your money by other means. Let your ‘Hire Me’ page be very enticing. You can check mine to get a clue. It took me hours to make that up.

Take your time to craft out a persuasive sales content to publish on your ‘Hire Me’ page. One that can win prospective clients to want to give you a try. This is where you sell your craft.

  1. Associate with Other Freelance Writers

This is another smart way to market your freelance writing business. I have not gotten any client using this smart marketing trick but I have been able to help other freelance writers get occupied using this trick.

Many a time, freelance writers do contact me via email and Facebook asking if I have any writing job for them or link them to a client. I do pick the first option because the last time I linked a writer to a client, it did not end well.

So, if you are out of writing gig, associate yourself with other freelance writers as you might never tell when gigs will be too much in one writer’s hand and they want someone to assist them. In landing contracts in freelance writing, it is not what you know but who you know.

  1. Use Social Media

Before I either add or accept friend’s request on Facebook and other social media network, I do check the person’s front bio. When I don’t see anything that interests me, I either just accept the person but don’t reach out or I don’t invite.

As a freelance writer, you are supposed to let the world know who you are before they inbox you. You should pin your advert on top of your feed. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have it. It is what people will first see when they look at your profile.

You can just pin a little advert about you alongside your site link too.

Hmmm, what are you waiting for? Being a freelance writer is more than knowing how to write. You have to learn the marketing aspect of the business. You don’t need years of experience; you just need to learn the smart ways of doing the right things.


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