7 Ways to Create SEO Friendly Contents for Top Ranking

Creating search engine optimized content is not a rocket science. It is an art that every webmaster needs to learn if they want to reach a wider audience and rank on search engines. Many people do ask me if there is a formula to follow to be able to create SEO friendly contents that rank top on search engines.

The answer?

It is an unqualified sort of yes and no at the same time. See, before Google Panda and Penguin, creating SEO friendly contents were very easy for anyone that wanted to learn the tricks to becoming more visible on search engines.

Today, the rules are changing every day but there are still some rules or practice that you must keep in mind in regard to creating optimized contents for search engines ranking.

You don’t need to be a whiz in the ever-changing Google algorithm or a badass when it comes to researching long-tail keyword every month to win the organic traffic game. For bloggers who think keywords is the main thing, keywords are just a piece of the SEO puzzle. Stuffing a blog post with keywords no longer look smart to get Google attention as Google is getting smarter by the day.

So, what does it take to create SEO friendly contents for top ranking so your site gets wider visibility and more organic traffic?

Think Before You Write

Your audience is the search engine client, the searcher, not the search engines themselves. When creating content, make sure that your highest priority is a good quality experience for the user.

What is the purpose for creating the content? What results will your content give to your readers?

Ultimately, your goal is to get readers to “like,” “share,” “comment,” and “tweet” your content, sending clues to search engines that the social network finds your content valuable.

Think before you create any content. When you do this, the second step will be easier for you.

Research the Keywords

When you know what your audiences are searching for, interest them, and what you want to give to them as a result of them reading your content, you can decide on a keyword to rank for and come up with a title.

For example, assuming I blog on health and I thought of creating a content on skin cancer. My end goal for my readers is to create awareness about skin cancer and how they can avoid it by following my prescription.

Now, my targeted keywords should be “skin cancer,” “symptoms,” “how to avoid skin cancer,” and many other skin cancer terminologies.

To see which of these suggested keywords must be used more on the content, I will go to SEMRUSH, type the word “Skin Cancer” and hit the search button.

Here will be my result:

SEO friendly contents

If you take a good look at the screenshot above, you will see that the word, “skin cancer” has a volume of 165K and a number of results of 20.8M. If you run Adsense on your blog, you will see that the CPC rate for that keyword is $0.94. Should I say it is a better offer? I don’t run Adsense but I think it is.

Now, check this:

SEO friendly contents

You can see that one of my suggested keywords “symptoms of skin cancer” appear beneath “skin cancer” making it a second search keyword and it has a CPC of $1.41 higher than “skin cancer”.

Now, how do you use these data?

Very simple.

Just create a good content with those keywords in mind and know how many times to use them. Also, you must use pictures because the third searched keyword is “skin cancer pictures”. So, when using pictures in your content, make sure you save all the pictures with that keyword “skin cancer pictures” In WordPress, it is called “Alt text”.

With these, your pictures and contents are keywords optimized for search engines to crawl your site when anyone types those keywords.

If you want to improve how to use keywords for your site, kindly follow the step by step guides on this content; How to Use Keywords for SEO Ranking and you will be glad you did.

Create Fresh Original Contents

Another way to come up with SEO friendly contents is to create original content. What is the point of creating new content if you copied someone else’s work? Search engines don’t welcome plagiarized contents and this won’t help you rank high in search engine.

Create useful and original content for your readers. Gather helpful resources from reputable authority sites to support your content, provide information that is of value and relevant to your audience and write in an engaging style so your readers will spend more time reading your articles, bookmark your site and share your content.

By doing this, people get to stay longer on your site and you get an SEO point for that such as increased dwell time.


What is the use of a great content if the headline is not clickable? Your headline matters when it comes to calculating your click-through-rate.

Your headline must serve two purposes:

  • To create curiosity among the intending readers and prompt them to click and read further.
  • To please search engines in order to rank you high on search result.

Headlines that focus more on helping get clicks more than headlines that focus on just telling. You must master the art of creating headlines that create curiosity that readers can’t help but click.

To know how to create powerful headlines for your content so as to increase your click-through-rate, the article How to create headlines that create curiosity and increases conversion should help you out.

Optimize the Length of Your Content

How long your content should be, is still debatable, as the main advantages of a text are its quality and relevance. However, long content creates the impression of in-depth analysis and therefore, looks more trustworthy for pleasing search engines.

So, it is advisable to create longer posts because search engines like long articles. I make it a rule that any of my contents should not be less than 800 words and I stick to it. This is how you should position your mind in creating SEO friendly contents for top ranking.

Link to Old Contents on Your Site

Another way to make your contents SEO friendly for top ranking is to try as much as possible to always link to previous contents on your blog. Pointing links to old content can actually tell search engines that a blog post or article is as relevant and fresh even today, as when it was created.

Aside from ranking, this is a tactic used by me to refresh my old articles by providing readers with more information about the main topic.

Use Yoast SEO Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin for SEO that every webmaster on WordPress should have installed on his or her blog. This plugin analyzes your content and tells you if it SEO friendly and how you can make it SEO friendly.

You start by picking your “focus word” which is the keyword you want to rank for, and the tool helps you check how many times you used the focus word and where you should use it if not in the right place.

There is so much about this tool and I will advise that you go download it. You can stick with the free plan if you don’t have the budget to upgrade to a paid plan but, it is compulsory for SEO ranking.

I just share my top secret of how I create contents for my high paying clients. How I wish most freelance writers see this so they too can upgrade.

I keep telling people that I don’t just write for content sake. I create content that is both SEO and human-friendly. Why do you think I charge so high just to create the same content other writers are creating at a low fee?

So, here is an offer that I planned to give anyone that has read to this extent. I believe that if you are still reading this, it means you really want results from your content either as a webmaster or as w freelance writer.

I will be creating content for any webmaster in either of these niches; business, make money online, finance and blogging who will contact me five days after the date of publishing this article at a fee of ₦1000 (I charge more than that).

Don’t ask me how many words, I don’t count. I flow with my spirit and how interesting the topic might be.

If ₦1000 is too big for contents that will stay on your site forever and continue to generate traffic thereby increasing your page views and advertising earning, don’t bother contacting me. If you are ready, I am ready!

I will like to hear your thoughts via the comment box. Thanks for increasing my page views!

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