7 Ways to Make Money As A Freelance Writer (Part 2)

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Are you a freelance writer and you are still thinking of multiple ways you can make money as a writer? Then you are in the right place but here is the part 2, if you have not read part 1 please click here to access it.

  1. Proof-reading

You can make money as a freelance writer from proof-reading some client work. They are some writers who have too much work on their hands that they don’t have the time to go back to proof-read the work, so they look for a proof-reader to help do such work.

But to be frank with you, the pay is not as writing content. You don’t expect it to be though. As a freelance writer, you can use this as a side income because people like me have software that does it for me and I don’t think I need a service of a proof-reader yet.

I know lot of people that cash out reasonable sum of money from proof-reading but they do add ghost writing to it when there is no proof-reading work at hand.

  1. Review Writing

Can you write review on company’s product? Another quick action you can do to make money as a freelance writer is writing review. I don’t think it is that hard because it did not take me too much hours when I first did my first review job for a skin care product. It just involves knowing more about what you want to write on which you can get from the client by asking questions.

Writing review is much more expensive than blog writing. I have only done one from an international client for $35 but if you ask me now, I will charge $50 for that.

  1. Guest Blogging

A lot of individuals are looking for people to help them with their guest blogging. If you are experienced on how to write using people tone of writing, then you can guest blog for busy individuals.

  1. Start Blogging

Every writer needs a blog and you can make money writing from your blog when you monetize it. It is one best place to develop your style and your audience.

When you see that traffic to your blog is getting very high, you can then turn your traffic to profit. Though the money may not be big because you need lots of traffic in millions to really make good money.

Some international writers usually do this just to generate little income from their blog. But I don’t for the now, I don’t really have time for traffic right now.

So here is the end of this post, “7 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer”

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