7 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer Part-1

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As a freelance writer and also someone who help writers earn big from their craft, I have found out that some passionate writers are losing interest in their passion for writing.

The reason is obvious, they are not making money from their craft and secondly, they don’t believe it’s possible to make money as a writer.

This industry is such that we’re almost afraid to say we want to make a living writing because few people do.

Most people think you need to be the next Stephen King to make a good living as a writer.

The fact that you’re reading this just goes to show that you’re serious about earning more as a freelance writer and I’m so grateful that you allowed me to be a part of that.

As a writer, there are multiple streams of income you can tap from. You don’t just get paid to write articles or blog post, there is more to that.

This post will open your eyes to the various lucrative ways to make money as a freelance writer. There is much more to the world of freelance writing than writing for peanuts, or websites that pay $5 per article.

1. Blog Post
No matter what kind of writing you enjoy, the web has the perfect projects for you.

Blog post or content means content that you see on blogs or websites. The demand for it is higher than ever.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need more content on their site and are always looking for blog’s post writers. Websites use blog post to generate engagement, drive traffic, and rank higher in search engine.

If you’re a good writer and you perform well in your first assignment to write a blog post, chances are you might get to work with that client for a very long time.

Bloggers need content and some are too busy concentrating on how to grow their business. So they need the service of a writer to help with content on their blog(s).

2. Social Media Writer
I know you may be wondering, what type of job is this. Okay, let me open your eyes. You’re called a writer right? What is the work of a writer? I know you will say to write. But to write what? Articles, book, a blog post?

As a writer, you’re a content creator. Which means you create content for whosoever needs one.

As a social media writer, you would work with online entrepreneurs and corporate brands to manage their social media campaigns. Your services could entail:

  • Creating content for social pages and groups.
  • Writing advertisement to build followers and increase engagement.
  • Turning engagement into content.

When I started this ministry, I was been paid N11,000 a month to handle a client Facebook page. I was in charge of creating content for the page three times a week which was Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

This added to my income for the periods the project lasted. It is one of my favorite options, as you get paid once and ahead before you even start the project. You also get retained as long as the project last.

Do not think that writing for social media is just about writing status messages and tweets.

With social media, there is a constant need for post and updates that need found for fans and followers who need to be engaged with.

You can get paid to create content for Facebook Groups, Pages, write tweets, LinkedIn post for businesses, online marketers, and Coaches.

3. Become a Freelance Journalist
I know you’re not a journalist and you did not study mass communication, so do I.

When starting out also, I did so many writing jobs because I just needed to start making money as far it has to do with content (no time O), and this was one of them.

I was asked by a client if I can write business news content and I gave an irreversible yes.

But though I was not the person doing the job, I gave it to someone and took a cut from the project, but I was still in charge.

This offer opened my eyes and I made attempts and approach business news sites and guess what! I was given the job to create business news on a daily basis.

Hmm! This is what I have for you today. So if you desire to be a freelance writer, you can take the opportunity of these different ways of earning I just gave or contact me for more information on what you need and how to get started with any of the ways I just explained.

Please note that you can’t start all three at once. You choose one and go for it after you have achieved a great height, then you tap into another.

Stay glued to my blog for the Part 2 of the 7 Ways to make Money as a Freelance Writer. Better still, subscribe to my blog or like my Facebook Page so you get my latest post delivered to your email box because you don’t want to be scrolling through my blog (like a thief in the night).

Feel free to ask me questions via the comment box and I will try my best to provide suitable answers.

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