How to Create Astounding Headlines That Create Curiosity and Increase Conversion

Take a look at all your headlines on your site, do they create curiosity as well as increase conversion? Do your headlines project your content as one that wants to help the readers or just want to tell?

Don’t you think your headlines are one reason people are not visiting your blog?

It is a normal fact that if your headlines are weak, your articles will never receive any clicks no matter how good your content might be. It is very important that you learn how to create good headlines that grab your reader’s attention.

One secret of producing great headlines is that you have to have a firm understanding of how your readers will interact with your headlines. Before I decide on which headline to use for any of my content, I first think of the people I am writing the content for, what will make them want to check my content, and how do I create curiosity with the headline.

I do sit down and write up to five headlines. After doing that, I will move over to buzzsumo and type in the keywords that I want to use in my headline to get suggestions of top articles that use that keyword in their headline and how theirs was created.

From the result I get, I just add one or two words together and my headline is ready.

But, have it in mind that I don’t do that always. I only do it when I am totally out of ideas on what headline I should use and don’t want to make it look like I am writing what everyone is writing.

So, how do you create headlines that create curiosity and engage your readers?

Focus on Helping and Not Telling

Let’s see this;

A: “Creating headlines that create curiosity and get clicks”

B: “How to create headlines that create curiosity and get clicks”.

A: “Starting a Business for Free”

B: “How to Start a Business for Free”

If I ask you to differentiate the headlines in respect to the subject of discussion, I know you already get the point. The reason why most headlines that start with “How” get more clicks and conversion is because “How” is trying to solve a problem and not just telling you about the problem.

Headlines that focus more on helping get clicks more than headlines that focus on just telling.

My article on How to Start a Business for Free is the most visited post on my site till date and the post with the highest comment. This is because I created a curiosity of how anyone can start a business for free.

In their mind, they are asking, “Is it really possible?” Thank God I explained it was possible and I gave the steps too to prove it.

Use Questions in your Headlines

Using questions in your headline is also another effective way to get readers to click. This is because it is the same question readers will type in search engines and your site tends to get favored by search engines for having such headlines.

Here are some examples of headlines in a question format:

Why Does Your Site Get 0 Visitors Every Day?

Do You Want to Get 1000 subscribers to your blog?

Why Does Your Headline Fail to Get a Single Click?

Aspirational Headlines

This has to do with sharing a story about how you did something and got a good unexpected result, and how your readers can follow suit and get the same result.

It is like a form of an inspirational article with an inspirational headline. For instance, “How I Grew My Email List from 0 to 1000 subscribers in 30 Days.” When someone reads that headline, they’ll aspire to reach similar goals and grow their email list too.

In order to find out what they need to do to reach that goal, they know they’ll have to read your post.

Use Numbers

Using numbers in your headlines create curiosity right away. This is the reason list posts get shared so much.

Check out this example and tell me which one catches your mind the most:

A: Starting an Online Business with no Money

B: Top 5 Business You can Start from Home with no Money

Which will you want to click if that post was for you? I bet it is the one with a number attached to it. That is the magic of using numbers in headlines.

Headlines are a major part of your blog post and it will determine if a reader will go on to look at the rest of the article or not. So, it is best to take some time over your headlines. When you have a few hundred articles under your belt you will instinctively know what will work and what won’t and you won’t have to go through this process every single time.



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