Get Paid to Write as a Nigerian

Some writers in Nigeria are finding it difficult making money online as a writer. Are you part of them?

I understand your pain because I have once been there. It took months to crack the code to getting paid as a writer in Nigeria without needing a PayPal account.

I know you’re surprise i.e. if you’re a Nigerian reading this post. In this article, I’m going to reveal to you three strategies I used and am still using to get paid by both international and local clients to create content.

If you’re really serious about becoming a freelance writer whether part-time or full-time and don’t want to get anything to do with PayPal, then follow my strategies.

NOTE: This post is for anyone from any country where PayPal does not allow it citizen to withdraw money using their payment platform.

1. Go get a Blog
If you really want to position yourself as a professional writer even when you’re a beginner, you will need to have a blog that shows your expertise. This is what your client what to see before they can have confidence in hiring you.

When client check your blog and read your articles and also see the design of the blog, they will go any length in hiring you.

Whenever I pitch international client, they always ask for my samples or portfolio and I refer them to this blog. After, going through my write-up, I do ask them for feedback and some just give me feedback without me asking, and I close the deal.

When I get asked about my PayPal account, I just tell them I collect international pay via Western Union money transfer which they don’t need to go to the bank. They just log in to the Western Union Website and make the transfer.

2. Learn to Market Yourself
This is where the real work is. It is one thing to be a good writer and another thing to know how to sell what you do.

You can do this on social media that you belong to.

Here was what I posted that gave me my first client. I saw it posted on twitter and I copied it and used it.

I did like to get some new client. I help busy brands create blog post and articles on their blogs and online journals.
If you know of anyone who might need my service, please do connect me.

3. Guest Posting
The benefits of guest posting can’t be overlooked. But how exactly can guest posting bring in client?

Here is what I do and it work 70% of the time. When I see a blog that I would like to write for and get paid, I first offer a guest post and if I see that they love it and have published it, I promote this post so that it can get high traffic and comment.

After some days, precisely a two-weeks. I then pitch to write for the blog. I first offer value, then I sell.

Ask me any question in the comment box.

I recently created a Facebook group for anyone who want to become a highly paid freelance writer, join my Facebook community called, Highly Paid Writers to get serious with your writing career.

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