You Can Never Be Rich If You Support This


I did rather be poor and happy!

I was talking to my friend after church service when he blurted out these words.

“what made you say that?” I asked.

Kelly explained, “my uncle is so rich. He’s got three wives, too. But all his children are fighting over his properties. Their family reunions happen at the courthouse. No one is even talking to each other.”

“so sad”, I said.

Kelly nodded, “in his old age, my uncle is very sick. And very bitter. He’s paralyzed from waist down. He’s so rich but he can’t even leave his wheelchair.

Man, I don’t want to be like him. I’d rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable!”

“I totally agree with you”, I told Kelly. “I wouldn’t want to be like your uncle”. I paused a little and asked him, “But tell me, is it also possible to be rich and happy at the same time? ”

For a moment, he looked at me. He finally asked. “can anyone become like you? ”

So I said, “anyone can be a happy rich person. But first, you have to choose to be one”.

But what does this story has to do with you?

It has everything to do with you because you must have also experienced such things and have made your own conclusions.

I have met so many people who have programmed themselves to be poor. For some years, I have been helping poor people get out of poverty through my one-on-one coaching program and daily teachings on social media such as Facebook, and WhatsApp.

I have found out that no matter how much money some people receives, unless they change their inner beliefs and behaviours, nothing happens. They will indeed remain poor.

I am here to share with you the 3 beliefs that you must avoid if you don’t want to remain poor or average.

1. Not Everybody was Destined to be Rich
I have heard this words so many times when having a conversation with some peasant businessmen.

I do ask them why they choose to remain small and not thinking of expanding their business. The answer I normally get is, “I am happy from the little profit I am making. After all, I can feed my children with it and will still live happily”.

They go further to say that they believe that God made them poor. That not everybody was destined to be rich, to drive cars and live a luxurious life.

It pains me so much that these same people pass this lie to their children.

2. Why Desire More, When am Happy
Someone once asked me, Joe, “why are you teaching us to become rich? ” He looked at me and continue, “if you’re truly a Christian, you should teach about being content with what one have and where one are”.

I laughed and was surprised!

It is fairly for people who don’t get what they want to provide justification–and even lie to themselves by minimizing how valuable success is to them.

For example, few individuals who can’t get what they want will fight for a little while, cry for a bit and then convince themselves that they never wanted it in the first place.

God made wealth. He gave it to King Solomon and His wish for us is to be wealthy. Why should you be content with being average?

Who will give to the poor? Feed the less privilege and beggars in the street?

How will your church raise fund for building, or missionary work if you are not wealthy enough to give 30% of your income without any moves in your financial life?

God gives you a life like an empty canvas. He says, here are 24 colours and a paint brush. Choose any colour you like and paint your life.

You’re responsible for the life you’re painting, not God.

3. You must get your Hand Dirty for You to be Rich
In this present economy that money is everywhere. Some group of people still believe you have to do something evil to get rich.

They always tell you that you’re only seeing the outward appearance of the rich but not the evil act that they have done secretly.

Poor people believe things need to work in order to make money and then spend their lives either spending it on nothing important or conserving like crazy in order to protect it.

The very successful know that the money is already created. They think in terms of generating wealth through the exchange of new ideas, products, services and solution.

Remember, you don’t need to create money, it has always been created.

You must not get your hand dirty before you amount wealth. People like Bill Gate, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Aliko Dangote did not get their hands dirty with evils but with ideas, products, services that solve worldwide problems.

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