How to Start a Business for Free


If you are among those complaining that you need money to start a business, here is how anyone can start a business for free and build wealth. In this post, I want to show you how you can start a business for FREE and grow it to a multi-million brand.

So if you already have some fund to start a business but confuse, keep that money in your pocket and cut out the excuses.

1. Sit down and really think about what your gift/passion is and what you could love doing all your life.

It could be training or coaching others, selling products or services, becoming an author, selling online or offline products etc.

2. Once that is done. Google how to get a domain for your business. And if you’re absolutely broke, get a free domain or Google a 99 cent coupon code for a .com at Godaddy.

3. Create a free website at Remember it’s free and only temporary until you make money and can get a professional one done later.

Use PayPal or a free similar processor to handle your payments.

4. Once that is done. Open a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a LinkedIn account. A free blogging page for whatever your business will be and start marketing your business and building a following.

All these super technologies are FREE and it has up to 8 billion consumers out there.

Simple as that. You’re holding your own self from greatness. I hear people all the time say to me, “I don’t have the money to start a business “.

They are not informed that in 2016 with all these technologies You need nothing but a will to win. Stop those excuses and start that business now!

Ask me questions you want and I will answer them in the comment section.

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