How to Know if Your Site is SEO Friendly

If your site is SEO friendly, the possibility of it ranking on search engine and generating much traffic is very high. If you feel you are doing the right thing in terms of making your site SEO friendly so you can start generating huge organic traffic but you are not seeing any positive result, you will need to read this post till the end.

To put it in simple terms for you, in order for your site to do better in Google or any other search engines, your site must be SEO friendly. There are different SEO tricks and all these SEO factors are very important for you.

I know of so many bloggers that do use free SEO checker to check if their site is SEO friendly while others don’t even know how to do search engine optimization.

How do you define success when it comes to SEO? Here is how to know if your site is SEO friendly and how you can make your site SEO friendly:

Your Site is Index on Search Engines

If your site is not index on search engines, they can’t send you traffic because they don’t know your site exists. If your site is index, it means your site is SEO friendly.

For those who have not index their site on Google search engine, go through the guide in this post;

How to Index New Post on Google

Another way to also index your site is by submitting your site XML sitemap on search engines Webmaster tools.

If you do the needful, there is no way you won’t be getting organic traffic from search engines. As your site become popular, Google’s spiders will visit your site more frequently and index your content more rapidly.

You Are Creating Contents People Are Searching For

This is very important when thinking of creating an SEO friendly site. Content is still king for SEO. I tell bloggers that it is not just by creating contents for content sake, but, creating contents that people are searching for. Content that answers people’s questions and solves problems.

For you to optimize your content for SEO, your contents must be relevant to the keywords you are competing for. You will need to learn how you can create SEO friendly content for top ranking on search engine.

You Are Creating SEO Keywords-Focused Contents

Talking about keywords, this is another factor in considering if your site is SEO friendly. If you want a page or post to rank on search engines for a specific keyword, that keyword must be in the content and must connect with the content.

Once you know the keywords you want to rank for, it is easy to create contents around that keywords. That is what I do. Each of my content is to promote my keywords for better ranking on search engines.

Each category on my site has its own keywords that I always use in every post I publish including this one so as to increase my search engine rank.

If you are doing this, then you are operating an SEO friendly site.

For those not doing it yet, conduct an SEO Keywords research with relevance to your audience and create content around those keywords. you should know what keywords move your readers to click your contents.

When you discover these SEO keywords, always put it on your headlines and sub-headings. It is very important for getting search traffic.

Your Site is Mobile Friendly

How does your site appear on mobile? Is your site mobile optimized? If yes, then your site is SEO friendly. If your site doesn’t render well on mobile, it could hurt your chances of the website showing for searchers using a mobile device which can also affect your result on search engine.

Having an SEO friendly website means your site is responsive to both desktop and mobile view. This gives you a good SEO score rate.

Your Site Loads Fast

This is another factor that tells if your site is SEO friendly. Your site pages must load fast if you want search engines to favor your site.

Your Contents Are Shareable

If you give your readers opportunities to share your post after reading by inserting a sharing button below your post, then you can get some points from search engines. When people get to share your posts mostly via twitter and Google plus, your post gets index automatically.

Sharing your post on Google plus alone get your post index by Google as they own the platform. Social sharing count when it comes to getting your post rank on search engine as it tells search like Google that people are clicking a link from a social platform and are landing on your site.

It will ignite Google bot to want to check the site too and see it relevancy in terms of search results and traffic.

You Are Linking Internally and Externally

When you link both internally and externally, it makes your post more valuable and other content that you link to easier to find by Google. This is not very hard to do if you give it your time.

The more internal links you have within your post, the better the life of that post. On the other hand, the more external links pointing to your posts from an authority site, the more valuable those posts are on search engines.

Your Images Are Optimized

What do I mean by optimized? It is to use alt text as your keyword phrase when uploading images on your post.

Before uploading any image you want to use on any of your posts, always edit and save the image with the keyword phrase or title tag before uploading it on your site. This is how you optimize your image on your site and get traffic through Google image search.

My Last Word

Once all these points discussed above are all practiced on your site, then your site is SEO friendly and should be getting traffic. Notwithstanding, these are not the only areas to check whether your site is SEO friendly or not but these are the main factors to consider first before others.

I will like to hear your thought about the post and any questions are welcome. Just use the comment box below.

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