A Letter to Freelance Writers

I know the title will bring you here i.e. if you are a concern freelance writer. I choose to write a letter to some freelance writers because I have been observing some people just write for writing sake. They just write to beat plagiarism but not to pass out valuable information with their content.

What I am about to share with you is one big secret that makes me an exceptional writer and people hardly ask me how I am able to create engaging content.

What people want these days is just how they can make money from freelance writing. They don’t ask about the process, but the outcome. They don’t that, it is the process that create the result.

The fact is, the market only pays excellent reward for excellent performance.

Now, here is the secret of my earning power….


Yes, books. I don’t play with them. The Bible said, “out of the abundant of the heart, the mouth speaks”. Relating to writing, “out of the abundant of your knowledge, you write”.

I know my niche. So, I read books in my niche. This gives me enough knowledge of any topic in my niche. You can’t tell me that you’re a writer in business niche and you spend most of your free time reading books on relationship, watching TV, chatting on social media etc.

A petrol tanker that supplies fuel also need fuel.

The reason why some writers never impress me is because they feel they will always Google the topic and source for materials to create content.

This is bullshit!

You think it is always about creating unique content and that’s all? Anybody can write if you think your help is in Google. I have passed the stage where you just by-pass plagiarism and tell me, ‘but the content is unique’.

Maybe that is why my brand is so different. My clients find it difficult to go for another freelance writer (cheaper ones) because they themselves love my content.

If you can’t spend at least 30 minutes a day to read books or blog post related to your niche, you’re not worthy to be called a writer.

You don’t read books or blog post because you want to create content, you should read to enrich yourself. Sometimes, I do draw reference from books I have read into some of my post to spice it up.

Freelance writers, please study to show thyself approve!

I am not planning on buying a house, but I can tell you things to consider before buying a house. I am not an affiliate marketer, but I can vividly tell you how to make money with affiliate marketing.

All these I can tell you through content without googling about them. I have read them in books, blog posts, listen to success stories on YouTube and Facebook video.

There is no business idea that I don’t have a clue on. Let me leave you with this question. As a writer, outside Google what do you know?

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