link buildingImagine how your blogging life will look like if you can put traffic to your site on auto-pilot. Have you been looking for ways to increase traffic to your site?

I know you have. Every webmaster experience this at the very beginning of their blogging life while others experience it till they give up blogging and eventually sell their blog (you don’t want to be this, do you?).

You have followed all the instructions given to you by so many experts on the net;

  • Build an email list of subscribers and you won’t bother with traffic anymore.
  • Share your post on social media and online forums and people will always visit your post.
  • Mention influencers on your blog post so they can share your post with their followers.
  • Conduct a roundup post.
  • Use the interview style.
  • Write lengthy SEO friendly contents of 1000 words plus etc.

I am not saying these are all wrong advice. They are not. They work absolutely well.

But, the problem is, you have to keep up doing all these so that your traffic won’t drop. And how long can you keep up with it?

What about if you can just post contents that are in your mind like I do and not bother yourself with all these tricks while traffic takes care of itself?

That is why you should focus on building external links and not running up and down reading every post that has traffic on its headline.

If you are looking to start ranking top on search engines, then you should be thinking external links building and not traffic at the moment. Any good webmaster knows how important link building is to search engine optimization success.

With creating external links for your blog you don’t need to stress yourself with spamming Facebook groups and WhatsApp group with your blog post like most bloggers do. The more external links point to your site, the more organic traffic you get from search engines.

What makes people respect your site is a number of external links pointing to your site. If you think I am lying, ask any blogger you respect in the game and hear what they will have to say.

Link popularity helps to increase the DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) of your site.

Link popularity is the main factor major search engines use to rank websites. This makes link building an integral part of any effective search engine optimization strategy. A successful site needs link popularity.

Link popularity is a score that search engines give to a website based on how many links are pointing to or linking to any particular page on your site. Link popularity is based on the simple premise that people link to good sites, and if a lot of people link to your site, then it must be useful and deserves a boost in rankings, so people can find it faster and easier.

Links have always been a major factor in search engine optimization, but not all links are good. You can do serious damage to your website if you have the wrong kind.

If you build good external links with blogs with a DA and PA of 5/100. You will be causing serious damage to your site. That is why I always select where I drop guest post. I don’t just drop guest posts on any site, I first diagnose the site base on DA, PA.

I drop guest posts on blogs with DA and PA of above 20. This is what you should also do if you want to drop guest posts on any site. You use people that are already up to build yourself up to their point.

So, how do you build good external links for your blog so you don’t worry yourself about organic traffic?

It is not a hard work to do. It just needs few minutes of your time each day and you will be building good external links for your blog for up to 1000 links within 60 days.

Yeah…within 60 days of being consistence, you can build up to 1000 good external links for your blog.

If you are really serious about putting organic traffic for your site on auto-pilot, then you can contact me for my Link Building Mastery Script.

In the script of about 7 pages, I explained;

  • How I was able to generate strong external links for this blog and how you too can.
  • Practical steps to creating 1000+ strong external links from top sites in 60 days.
  • How to build 10 strong niche links within 5 minutes.

The script will help you create a conductive strategy for building external links for your site.

If you don’t like your present traffic stats and you want to increase it, then you need my Link Building Mastery Script.

To support you in the fight to increasing traffic to your blog, I will be giving anyone that purchase the Link Building Mastery Script one of my other script titled, “Practical Steps on How to Build an Email List” (Worth N3000) for FREE.

Get these materials and put a stop to traffic problem while you focus more on building your blog to the standard you long for.

What do you think?