The Poor Wise Man


This morning during my quiet time, I was studying my Bible. As I was reading Ecclesiastes 9, I got to verse 14 and stopped at verse 16.

Here is it;
14: “There was a little city, and few men within it; and there came a great king against it, and besieged it, and built great bulwarks against it.
15: Now, there was found in it a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city; yet no man remembered that same poor man.
16: Then said I, wisdom is better than strenght: nevertheless the poor man’s wisdom is despired, and his words are not heard.” (KJV)

now why was the poor wise man forgotten? The poor wise man was forgotten because he was poor.


This man saved a city with his wisdom. How come he couldn’t become wealthy with that same wisdom?

Poverty is a mind-set. Poverty is the inability to see, recognize and capitalize on profit centres.

“Wisdom is better than strength, nevertheless the poor man’s wisdom is despised, and his words are not heard.”

His problem was not that he was poor. His problem was that he could not profit from his wisdom.

So let me explain what he would have done.


He shouldn’t have saved the city!
1. He should have provided a strategy that will take days to implement to completion.
2. Prepare separate documentation on how much will be needed. That’s, every man’s weight in gold moved to several secure account in his name… of course they will try to negotiate very quickly.
3. Get his president to sign this agreement.
4. Once approved, use 20% of his possessions to acquire physical assets such as lands, cattle etc. Use 50% in government bonds, 30% in strategic investment.
5. Marry into the president family. Someone very close. For me, I would go for the president’s daughter or relative.
6. All of these can happen in 3 days….but let’s say it takes 2 weeks to unfurl. One month even, that’s also fine. Most wars last much longer than that.

If this poor man had done this, not only would he have become wealthy very quickly and exponentially too! He would also have never been forgotten.

You see?

Many people do not think this way. The Bible says, “Wisdom is profitable”.

If the man couldn’t think of all this, at least he could have asked like David, “What would be done for the man that can save the city?”

This question would have led to riches….but then he was poor in his mind. He just couldn’t imagine himself being that phenomenal so he was forgotten.

I know some people reading this could be saying, “not everything has to be monetized to amass great wealth….sometimes fulfilment and content comes from just living in an atmosphere of peace.”

Now here is a point you need to take note of;

The story of this poor man was told by King Solomon, the wisest man ever lived and was documented in the Royal scrolls which were later translated as Ecclesiastes chapter 9 specifically 14-16 and a note of warning in Proverb 10:15 (please do try to check it out).

I’d like to think that wise King Solomon was specifically pointing to profit centres and if he observed a scene and gave his judgement, he was sure of his experience and verdict. (did I just opened your eyes?)

Martin Luther King Jnr. was violently murdered in public but….He is still REMEMBERED today.

Ghandi in all his piety and opted simplicity (or what some people would call choosing a life of poverty) is REMEMBERED.

Mother Theresa lived her whole life with the poor and humble of means. She is REMEMBERED.


Moral Lesson: Wisdom is profitable to direct.

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