Top 5 Best Blogs for Freelance Writers

What make up your top best blogs as a freelance writer? When I first started as a freelance writer, I had been following some blogs, digesting content by content so I can top up my game. So I came up with a list of 5 best blogs that really helped me in growing my freelance writing business to where it’s today.

The content in these blogs I am about to share with you will give you a head start and also help you top up your game as a freelance writer.

Here there are in no alphabetical order…

1. WritersinCharge.Com
This is my best blog when I need a specific information. A blog own by one of our brother from Nigeria, Bamidele Oni. He needs no further introduction.

It was Bamidele that made me believe that someone can earn a full-time income as a freelance writer from Nigeria. After going through some of his post, I was motivated and convinced to quit my job and go into freelance writing as my main business.

Bamidele is a five figure writer (in dollars) and his blog contain the information you need to position yourself as a freelance writer.

For the record, I will like to be like you when I grow up (where is Feyishola?).

2. MakeALivingWriting.Com
Another best blog on my top 5, is owned by one beautiful and charming lady known as Carol Tice.

I am yet to consume all the content on this blog. I can remember I spent almost two hours going through all the post on that blog and I wanted to continue.

The blog is so rich and informative. Go through this blog and upgrade your arsenal of knowledge.

3. EmekaNobis.Com
Emeka Nobis is a writer and a thought leader who is helping personal and corporate brands transform their business using nothing but content.

His style of writing is so natural and the content on his blog will make you lose hope (close your mouth, not what you’re thinking).

This blog will let you know that you have just started and you need to shut up and work harder at what you do or you will reck.

I put this blog as one of my top 5 best blogs because the admin has personally influence me with both his blog and social media content.

4. TheMiddleFingerProject.Org
If you want to learn how to make your content speak, then read and digest the numerous post on this blog. And I bet you, with time your writing style will change.

Ash Ambirge is her name. A bad-ass copywriter who can create a picture in your mind using content.

This is one blog I do get my writing inspiration from. I have learnt how to write as if I am talking, just by reading her blog post.

Going through her blog really changed my writing style and I am still learning more because I am already her subscriber.

5. EnterpriseBoom.Com
The last on my list goes to Enterprise Boom. One thing I love about this blog is the encouragement it gives to writers.

This is the only blog that I know in Nigeria or Africa that pays contributor’s.

Even some international blogs or sites don’t pay their contributor’s, they only give exposure.

I want upcoming writers to note this blog for future purpose. After you have establish yourself as a writer with good records and portfolio, then you can pitch the admin and you will be gladly welcome into the family of contributor’s.

I did not join because of the money but the exposure. So I get some royalties monthly for contributing. Isn’t that sweet?

These are my top 5 best blogs that really added flavour to my writing ministry. I will advised you take your time to visit all the blogs I have mentioned above and go through what they have.

If I did not mention some blogs you know, have it in mind that these are blogs that have contributed to my growth as a freelance writer. It’s not just about posting content on blogs all in the name of posting. I go with value not noise.

I will be working on a new post,  ‘Blogs You Should Follow As A Freelance Writer’. So you can list any blogs on the comment box you would like me to take a look on so I can add it to my list.

Will you show me some love by sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter? Thank you. That’s why I love you and will keep dropping great content for your consumption.

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