How to Use Keywords for SEO Ranking

The whole point of SEO marketing for webmasters is to put their content in front of the eyes of many people who might turn out to become their dedicated readers. The use of keywords for SEO ranking is one SEO hack to getting their site on the first page of popular search engine results.

Actually, the use of keywords in your blog post plays a major factor when it comes to creating search engine optimized content but that does not mean you should be writing because of keywords.

Regardless of the keywords you are using to promote your site, if it is not relevant, Google and other search engines will put your site deep in the SERP’s to punish your site. Search engines are all about relevancy and the more relevant your keywords are, the better ranking for your site.

Why do they do this?

They want to give out the best product (content) they can to their customers. They want to make sure any sites they bring at their first page are of relevance to the search conducted by their customers. So, it is not just about stuffing your content with keywords but the use of the keyword plays a major factor.

How to Use Keywords for SEO Ranking?

Here is how you can implement your keywords in order to generate a huge amount of organic traffic coming to your site if you depend on SEO marketing or you are a blogger that want to increase your site rankings.

Use it in the Title Tag

The title tag is what visitors will see at the top of the browser window when they open your site. It is like the signboard of your site. It is one important tag you should take note of when customizing your site for search engine.

Once you have the keywords that are relevant to your site, select the most important one and place it in the title tag of your site. This help to triggers search engine to take a look at your site whenever someone searches for such keywords.

The Meta Tag

The meta tag is another area where you should also use your keyword. Make sure you write an attractive description for your description meta tag. Your meta tag description is what readers first read on search engines before they can decide if to click on your site to read your content.

Even if it comes out that you did not enjoy the content written on the site, the site has received one organic visit which counts. But, let your keywords be relevant so as to encourage recurring visitors.

H1-H6 Tags

This is one SEO hack for content marketers. Heading tags play important roles when it comes to SEO ranking. It is the first thing that readers will come across when carrying out a search, especially H1 and H2 tags. Try as much as possible to incorporate important keywords in your H1 and H2 tags.

Aside from that, people are more likely to read your content easily when you use headlines. It allows them to skip to important points that may interest them. So, give high priority to headlines when creating your contents for your blog.

Keyword Density

Google considers this a prime factor in ranking pages in search engine results more than any other search engines. Just try to be moderate with your keyword density.

To make it better, spread your keyword throughout the content. Use it in your paragraphs, in your headings and sub-headings where necessary.

Internal and Inbound Links

If you want your text to be index faster by search engines then you should use the keyword in anchor text but don’t overuse it. When you use keywords in anchor text of internal and inbound links, search engines index your keyword.

But, never let it look obvious by using words like “click here” for anchor text. Google doesn’t like it and may flag you for that. Use some relevant words instead.


The wise use of keywords and their proper placement can prove to be the key factor that can drive loads of traffic to your site. Avoid the unnecessary stuffing of keyword in your content. Create a balance between human being and search engine. All you need to do is put in some quality time to strategically use them in the appropriate way.

How have you been using your keywords in creating content that makes your site rank first page with a particular keyword?

I would love to hear from you via the comment box and others might also learn in the process.

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