Why You Should Become A Blogger

I know you must have been hearing the word “Blogging” and might have been thinking why everyone is talking about it.

Will it be a good option for you?

If you ask me, I will say yes.

Irrespective of what you do whether you are a medical practitioner, a fashion designer, school teacher, a specialist in any field, an instrumentalist, as far as you know something lots of people don’t know and you are WILLING to share, you need a blog and not a social media page.

Starting this particular blog has really changed my life. It has not only made me money (which I don’t joke with), it has helped me become a better person as I try to help people take action in the areas of business, blogging, freelance writing, starting an online business and personal finance using my post.

Without wasting much of your time, here are 5 reasons why you should consider starting a blog and become a blogger.

  1. Blogging Makes You Money

I have to make this my number one as I know you will be very concern with this aspect. As a blogger, you are open to many streams of income irrespective of the area you want to blog in.

Like I said earlier, as far as you know something lots of people don’t know and you are WILLING to share, you can make money from blogging.

I am not using this to entice you into blogging, it is just the fact. Blogging is no longer treated as just a hobby again, it is now a business.

But, how can you make money? I understand!

Here are various easy ways you can make money as a blogger:

  • Selling Information Products

You can make money selling information products that teach people a particular subject. It can be in eBook format, videos (if it involves practical), and audio if you love speaking than writing.

This is one of the quickest ways to make money from blogging but it involves lots of work at the beginning but the rewards are worth it. You can decide that you want to make money only from selling information products and you won’t get broke if all factors are in place.

Personally, I make money huge amount of money from selling information products around my niche. No matter the niche you may love to blog about, there is always an informational product you can sell.

  • Google Adsense or Advertising Companies

You get paid by Google or its alternatives for displaying adverts on your blog. I can testify that almost 70% of bloggers make money from this stream.

  • Sponsored Post

People get to pay you to post their sales content on your blog. This can only happen when your blog commands huge traffic.

  • Affiliate Marketing

You get paid to promote other people’s products and when anyone buys through your link, you get paid a percentage from the sales. I make a small fraction of my monthly income from affiliate marketing. The advert at the side bar of this blog is an example. That is the only affiliate product I promote.

  • Selling Freelance Services

This includes selling services like freelance writing, web designing, blog customization, graphic designs, etc.

Those are the easy ways any independent contractor can make money through blogging. You may have heard about more, but, these are the simplest of all that anybody in any field of practice can make money from.

Are you still not convinced? Look at number 2.

  1. Blogging Gives you a Platform for your Voice to be Heard

Blogging gives you a platform which enables you to reach a large audience from one source. Blogging can help you promote yourself and your business.

With this blog, I teach people how they can empower themselves with freelance writing and blogging. That is my big message and without this blog which is my platform, I don’t know how I would have been able to do this.

With a blog, people get to know you and know what you do. Your blog is your advertising board, your business card, your pulpit where you stand to spread your message to your target audience. Having a blog and writing about something you know and do, establish you as an authority in your space.

People see you as a professional and this helps you to build rapport and engagement. When people read your post, they perceive the value that you bring and want to connect with you.

  1. Blogging Create Opportunities

I have had people contact me from even international countries. I can’t count how many people have reached me after reading my post. As far as you are delivering great contents with your blog and you are selling a service or product, you are opened to many opportunities.

You can get speaking engagement from blogging. Someone from a corporate firm can read your blog and want to hire you for consultation or offer you a contract because you know what you are doing.

Blogging can land you consulting deals.

I have received so many offers. I refused some while I accept some based on my personal decision. Someone might read your post and then move further to contact you and sign up a deal with you to start writing for him or her. I do get that most times.

Are you still thinking about the opportunities open to you as a blogger? Not too fast, read number 4.

  1. Blogging Helps You Write Better

Blogging is all about creating content that communicates value to readers. The more you write to create content for your blog, the more your writing skill improves. Writing mastery comes with constant practice.

Have it in mind that blogging won’t make you a better writer, it will just happen as you stay consistent with creating content for your blog. Becoming a better writer also help you become a better communicator.

  1. Blogging Help Grow Your Business

Does your business have a blog? If No, then you are leaving money on the table. If you know how having a blog for your business can affect your business, you will rush to open one quickly.

Just last month I met a friend of mine back then in secondary school that is now into wardrobe management for celebrities. We were just chatting and I was telling him about my online business and how I help people start a blog and make money.

I asked him if he has a blog, he said yes. He continues by saying that he just landed a big deal with a client after the client read his blog post and also went round his blog to check him out. He told me that he mostly uses his blog as his billboard to advertise his business as he can display his past work with clients, testimonials from satisfied clients, and also display his expertise using content.

I was so moved with his testimonies about how blogging has helped him get clients for his business. Starting a blog can create great impact a lot in your business if you would give it a try and get in contact with me on how to go about it.

Interested in Starting a Blog?

Some people think starting a blog is difficult because they don’t know much about how to use a computer or the internet. Well, I don’t blame them because lots of bloggers make it look so.

If you are interested in starting a blog, kindly contact me and let’s take it from there.

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