Writers Wanted

Are you a writer?

Do you live in Nigeria?
Do you really want to earn from your writing as a freelance writer on a part-time basis?

Then send me your:


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To okonjoseph101@gmail.com

This is another way I want to help writers who hardly get writing jobs.

I do select writing jobs and write for high paying client. So instead of throwing the low paying ones away, why don’t I give to those who are desperately looking for even one.

Also, I have come to realised that what may seem like a little fee to me might mean a lot to other individuals.

So if you’re a student, low salary earner and you have passion for writing and want to get paid to write. Send me those details I listed above so I can hook you up with some writing job.

I will be waiting for you!

Yours truly,
Okon joseph

P.S. If you impress me so well on your first assignment (usually 3 articles), I might consider adding you to my team of writers.