If you are on the look for how to increase your business sales on Instagram without spending a dime, then you are in the right place. In this post, I will be sharing with you one powerful Instagram marketing strategy you can use for your business without spending a dime on Instagram ads or influencer marketing.

This marketing strategy is called Hashtags Marketing

I am very sure that as an Instagram user, hashtags are not new to you. The only problem may be that you don’t know how to use it effectively.

If you can master hashtags marketing, your business will experience tremendous growth and sales as far as other factors are in place. Other factors include content, photos and the time you are posting your content.

If you are using hashtags to get found on Instagram, they are 3 places you can use hashtags on Instagram;

  • Instagram post
  • Instagram Stories
  • IGTV

On Instagram posts, you can use a maximum of 30 hashtags either in the caption or in the comment box.

For Instagram Stories, you can use a maximum of 3 hashtags. Most people only use one because they don’t know about this. You can use one hashtags sticker or put the three in a text box.

IGTV is the same as for Instagram posts. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags in the description box.

Importance of Hashtags

  1. Hashtags help to expand your content reach
  2. It can help you target your audience with ease.
  3. It amplifies your brand and brings growth to your page.

Now, a lot of people struggle with hashtags and that is why I wrote this blog post in the first place. In this post, you are going to learn how to use hashtags to market your products or services and increase sales for your business.

  1. On Instagram Posts

When using hashtags on your posts, you need to be strategic. Not every tag will work this same way. You should know how to combine different hashtags to work for you.

My Super-Secret Recipe

I have a super-secret recipe that helps me get my content found by the right audience and get me more followers and sales.

I use nothing less than 22 hashtags for every one of my posts. Sometimes I use the whole 30 hashtags.

I know you are already freaking out. You are thinking about how you will be able to come up with that many hashtags.

Here is the recipe;

Let us assume you sell Arabian perfumes and your target location is Singapore. Before you promote any of your products, say, ‘Oud Touch’ by Frank Olivier, you will need to go to the search bar on Instagram and type in #oudtouch.

Click on the result and it will open all other hashtags

What you will do is take down any 5 to 7 related hashtags showing at the top.

Note: These search results are based on my location when conducting this search. You may get different search results. But the recipe remains the same.

When you are done, clean the search and type #singapore. Every hashtag related to Singapore will dropdown. You will have to take down at least 5 related hashtags from the result.

Now, you are done with hashtags for product and location.

Next, you will have to add 3 to 5 niche-specific hashtags to your list of hashtags. These specifically targeted hashtags are specifically the solution you provide or what your customers are looking for. For example, #singaporeperfumes, #perfumeshopsingapore, #perfumesformen, #oudtouchfrankolivier, #arabianperfumes etc.

After you are done with that, you should then include any 3 to 5 trending hashtags in your niche.

Lastly, include your brand hashtag. You should never forget this. As a brand, you should have your hashtag or hashtags (maximum of two though).

Now, if you go through this recipe, you will find out that we have already come up with 15 to 20 hashtags.

In conclusion, when choosing hashtags, think of where your audience is, what would they type if they were searching for this product or needed this service. You will need to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes so you can be able to come up with hashtags you would follow and use if you were one of your target audience.

  • On Instagram Stories

You mustn’t ignore Instagram stories when posting on Instagram. Stories get more reach than feed posts.

Now, when using hashtags for your stories, you have to be strategic because your stories only last for 24 hours. Avoid using your brand hashtag or hyper-specific hashtags. The chances of being found within that 24 hours are very slim.

For Instagram stories, I will advise you to use either trending hashtags or popular hashtags that your target audience will be following. The likelihood of people looking for such hashtags within 24 hours is very high.

On your stories, you have 2 options of where to place your hashtags. You can use a text box or the hashtag sticker.

For the text box, you will have to tap the Aa icon on your story and then type the hashtags you want to use for the story.

Make sure the hashtags are underlined. If they are not, they won’t be clickable and this means your story won’t appear in any of the hashtags. You can only use 3 hashtags with this option.

For hashtag sticker, tap the square smiley face and type in the hashtags you want to use. You can only use one hashtag with this option.

  • IGTV

Using IGTV means you want to share a video content that is more than one minute. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags with IGTV. All you need to do is to insert them on the description box.

Have it in mind that you will need to add a title to your video or it won’t upload.


Hashtags marketing is essential for success on Instagram. Hashtags marketing was one of the strategies I used to in getting 5K new visitors to this blog in just one month. You can check out how I did here.

To grow your page, expand your reach and get more engagement on your content, you must be using hashtags.

If you need more help in various ways to promote your product without spending a dime, here are 5 ways to increase sales on Instagram without spending a dime.

I hope this post was helpful?

You are free to drop a comment below. It can be questions or anything you may want to add. Thanks