Are you using Instagram to drive traffic to your website? Instagram can be a great source of traffic if you know your way around it. With over 60 million active users daily, it is one of the fastest-growing social media networks after Facebook.

Instagram has all the useful tools and features to be able to help you grow your business in terms of traffic. In this blog post, you are going to learn how you can drive massive amount of traffic to your website using Instagram.

Without much ado, here are 5 ways you can drive traffic to your website using Instagram as your traffic source.

  1. Be Strategic About Link on Bio

One way to drive traffic to your website with Instagram is through the link on your bio. There should always be a link on your bio. It can be a link to your sales page, homepage, or latest blog post. Make sure you use your link strategically.

Whenever you want to drive traffic to any page on your site, create a post about the page and tell readers to click the link on bio to get access to the full information.

Another awesome way to go with links on Instagram is by adding it to your Instagram Stories. This feature is only enabled if you have over 10K followers. It is called “swipe up” feature.

This feature allows you to add a link to your Instagram Stories, making it easy for viewers to swipe up and land on your site. Taking advantage of this feature can help drive more traffic to your website.

2. Hashtags

Without hashtags, there is no way you can get noticed by people not following your page. Using hashtags on your posts is how you get new people to notice you, grow your page, and possibly get them to your site.

If you know how to strategically use hashtags, you won’t need to run ads to boost your reach on Instagram.

Just go read about hashtags marketing because it is the only way you can know how to strategically use hashtags for your business without spending a dime on Instagram ads or influencer marketing to drive massive traffic to your website.

Not using hashtags on your posts is one way to stop your posts from going viral. Only pages with more than 100K followers can decide not to use hashtags on their posts, but pages far below that mark should use hashtags on their posts. 

3. IGTV or Videos

Instagram videos generate 3X more impressions than image posts. It is worthwhile to invest your time to create videos on Instagram.

You can create a less than 1-minute video and add a call to action at the end of the video for viewers to click on the link on bio to visit your website.

If your video will be more than 1 minute, you can upload it on IGTV and add your link in the description box. This is one feature so many people don’t know exist.

Remember to also include hashtags to boost the visibility of the video.

4. Invest in Instagram Ads

By running Instagram ad, you can reach more of your target audience and drive them to your website. If you can do this correctly, you will be able to get more website visits and conversion if you are promoting an offer.

You can do image, video or carousel ads.

Image ads are just photos that catch one’s attention or create curiosity. You can as well add a caption and hashtags to your image ads.

Video ads can be up to 50 seconds where you are either educating, entertaining or promoting.

Carousel ads can be so sweet because it allows you to include up to 4 photos to one single post. Ecommerce owners and car dealers are taking advantage of this feature to run ads for their products.

All of these 3 types of ads allows you to add a clickable link to drive traffic to your site.

If you don’t know how to run ads correctly, please outsource it to an expert for better conversion.

5. Use Instagram Influencers

Instagram influencers are digital celebrities with huge loyal followers ranging from 10K to 100K and above. Connecting with influencers in your niche will help increase your exposure.

The return on investment in influencer marketing is huge. Most brands use Instagram influencers to promote their products and services because of the huge return on investment.

With as low as $20, you can get an influencer to help promote your link and drive their followers to your site.


Instagram can be an effective tool to drive traffic to your website when used strategically. Traffic from Instagram is highly valuable since clicking links on Instagram is a deliberate act.

Don’t depend on Facebook or Twitter alone for traffic generation to your site, take advantage of Instagram now and thank me later.