In this post, I will be sharing tips on how to use Instagram for network marketing. So, if you are a network marketer and would love to know how to use Instagram for getting downlines or selling your company’s products, then this post is for you.

I do get a lot of questions about how to use Instagram for network marketing. So, in this post, I am answering most of the questions in detail.

  1. Build Relationships

You can’t win someone to your side unless you are perceived as a friend. People only do business with who they know, like and trust. This is why the first thing you will need to do on Instagram to get people to buy into whatever you are proposing them, is to build relationships.

As a networker, your primary job on Instagram will be to network and build relationships. Don’t ever welcome a new follower with a sales pitch. This is what poor networkers and internet marketers do. You must differentiate yourself from them.

Anytime you get a new follower, try to start a friendly conversation with the person.

Set time aside to send Direct Message to all your new followers. Everything about using Instagram for network marketing circles around building relationships. The message can be as simple as introducing yourself and asking them their goal with Instagram.

Your goal with sending Direct Message will be to get your new followers talking. With this, you get to know them personally and know if they are a great fit for your company.

Another way to build relationships is by engaging with your follower’s posts. You do this by liking and dropping great comment that is more than 4 words.

This works very well. We do it for all the clients we manage their Instagram page. It helps you create awareness.

We normally get new followers for our clients’ pages whenever we do this. Most accounts that we have followed in the past that didn’t follow back begin to follow immediately we engage with their posts.


Because at first they saw us as regular followers but now that we started engaging with their posts, they now see us as a friend. We drop comments that either compliment the person or supports the person’s views on whatever message the person is trying to pass out.

The person sees the account as a supporter and wants to say thank you by following the account. That is just the logic behind it.

Give it a try and see for yourself.

2. Grow a Brand

I normally advise most network marketers to build a personal brand around their products and company. Let people know you as a person and tell them that your product/company can help them live the lifestyle that you are showcasing on Instagram.

Make sure your bio is on point. Let people see your profile and be able to tell who you are and why they should follow you.

Your profile is your first impression to potential new followers. It is your business card to new potential followers.

Make your brand so attractive that people want to follow your page. And if you have studied Instagram very well, you will know that Instagram is all about attraction. This is why Instagram for network marketing makes so much sense.

3. Content

The truth is, when it comes to network marketing, you can’t just be posting screenshots of earnings other members are receiving or screenshots of testimonials from people who have used your company’s products.

That is not how it works.

Go look at the top earners in your company and see what they are posting daily. You hardly see them post checks other members are receiving because they know those things only end up getting the wrong people to their team.

You should know that your content needs to be relevant to your followers. Don’t post what you like. Your posts must circle around being educational, entertaining or promotional.

Unfortunately, most networkers only focus on promotional content, which is very wrong.

Your personal brand as a network marketer is more about your lifestyle. Entertain your followers, educate them and sell to them.

Entertainment content can be a behind the scene of your day to day life. Do a video sharing your story on how your company helped you or how a product from the company helped you overcame a medical challenge in your life.

Educational content can be tips related to your niche, a spotlight on any of your products and the benefits. You can also repost educational content posted by any member of your team or a top earner in your company.

For promotional content, you can use testimonials from any of your satisfied customers or members. You can promote any of your products sharing the benefits. You can also tell your readers about your company, why you joined and what they tend to achieve when they join.

Don’t forget your Instagram Stories. Share each of your posts in your Instagram Stories, and don’t forget to include hashtags.

If you really want to take your network marketing business seriously, I would suggest you show up in your Instagram Stories three times a day.

Don’t forget to use hashtags to get maximum visibility.

You can check out this post Hashtags Marketing for Business Owners on Instagram.

Network marketers can use Instagram for their business and achieve tremendous success. My team and I have helped so many in the past. We showed them the strategies involved and they are now doing well.

If you are a network marketer and you need expert assistance, you can reach out to me via WhatsApp. We will help you manage your page (if that is what you want) for two months and teach you everything you need to know so you can manage it yourself after we are done.

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