But thank God you’re not a stupid idiot. So keep reading.

Would you like to know a secret way of making N15,000 and above monthly doing nothing?

I thought so. I mean, who wouldn’t want to?

My brothers, some of my close friends, and I are earning nothing less than N15,000 every month doing nothing. Although I earn more than them because of the affiliate program I promote.

I showed two of my Instagram clients and now they make an additional N2000 (making it N17,000) every month doing absolutely nothing. 

Now, let me explain…

According to Robert Kiyosaki in one of his books, he said, “Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition.” And I totally agree with him on this.

There is an online cryptocurrency investment platform that I was introduced to by a friend of mine which pays 35% of your invested capital every month to you.

In simple English, this cryptocurrency investment platform pays you 35% of the money you invest with them.

You don’t do anything. You just invest your money and relax. They do the heavy lifting and pay you your interest.

They use your money to trade and invest in other investment vehicles and send you a daily interest from your money. You get paid 4.5% daily interest of your invested capital. It is very transparent.

You will be seeing your daily earning in your investment dashboard as it grows.

I was already thinking about investing in MBA Forex when my very good friend introduced me to this cryptocurrency investment opportunity.

So, for example, you invested ₦50,000 in this platform, your interest for that month will be around ₦15,000 and above depending on the price of bitcoin at the time you are cashing out.

When I first invested my money, I was skeptical. My mind was asking what if this is another scam like MMM or something close? But patiently I was hopeful, and to my surprise, I wasn’t disappointed.

This is my second month on this platform (at the time of writing this blog post) and I have cash out twice. You can see it from the image below.


See, if you are waiting for this pandemic to go before you start taking charge of your life, you will be waiting forever.

A news report last week from CNN revealed that this Covid-19 pandemic will disturb the earth for as long as 2 years before the wave will calm down.

Do you plan to pause your life for that long?

Wells Technical Analytic Trading and Investment Company is the name of the investment platform.

wta trading and investment company

The main activity of this company is generally in the Cryptocurrency domain and specifically in the Cryptocurrency field of exchange and Cryptocurrency stock markets.

How to Get Started?

You first need to get a cryptocurrency wallet. Click here to create a Cryptocurrency wallet with Blockchain if you don’t have any.

After you have done that, you will need to fund the wallet by buying either Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or Perfect Money because those are the currencies the platform accepts.

Now, buying any of these cryptocurrencies is easy. You just need to contact a trusted and legit exchanger to sell to you.

If you don’t know any, you can reach out to me. I have one that I normally do business with whenever I need to buy bitcoin. I personally use Bitcoin to invest.  

If you want to invest ₦35,000 for example, you will need to buy any of the above cryptocurrency equivalent to ₦35,000. The seller will just transfer the specific cryptocurrency to your cryptocurrency wallet and within a few minutes, you should see it on your wallet.

After that has happened, you then move ahead to register with the cryptocurrency platform using this link.

After you have signed up, you then log in to your dashboard.

On your dashboard, you will need to click on “Add Funds”. When you do, a new page will open where you will need to fill in how much you want to invest (spent) and with which cryptocurrency.

All the different currencies will be listed and you will have to indicate by ticking any of them.

After you have done that, you proceed. A new page will open and you will be shown a wallet number in blue color starting with 1. You will have to copy that number. It comprises of numbers and letters. That blue long number is the wallet number you will need to send your money to.

So, after you must have copied the number, you open your cryptocurrency wallet and click on “Send”.

After clicking on send, paste that link on the receiver box and type in the amount you want to transfer to the investment platform. You are to type it in dollars and send.

It only takes a few minutes or at a maximum of one hour for your money to appear on your investment dashboard.

And when your money appears on your dashboard, your investment has started and you will be expecting to see your first earning same time the next day.

These are just the steps.

Your invested capital is only active for 30 days. After 30 days, it will stop reading and you will either have to withdraw your full cash (invested capital + interest) or you can choose to reinvest.

For me, I just withdraw my interest and reinvest my initial capital.

To withdraw is very easy.

Just click on “Withdraw Funds” on your dashboard and you will be taken to a page where you will have to insert how much you want to withdraw. The money goes straight to your cryptocurrency wallet and from there you sell the fund to the same exchanger who sold to you.

So, there you have it. I hope this answers any questions you may have to ask me?

But, if you still have any questions to ask, you are free to drop it via the comment box below.

If you want my personal assistance from beginning to the end, reach out to me on WhatsApp via this link. Don’t worry, I won’t charge you!

Remain bless!